Dr. Forsythe has extensive experience as a member of the Canadian Kennel Club Discipline Committee, the CKC Appeal Committee and as President of various breed clubs.  She considers it an honour to be a founding member, and President, of the Chow Chows of Western Canada Ltd.

Dr. Gail H. Forsythe, President

“I have personally been in love with the Chow Chow breed since 1986. I remember when I first saw 3 chow chows in a backyard located on 109 St in Edmonton.  Since that time I have been obsessed and started a journey to
learn everything I could about this beautiful breed.
In 2011, I finally fulfilled my dream of owning a chow chow and actually added 2 chow chows to our family. (In reality, the chow chow owns us!) Our latest chow chow, Kayley, is so special and brings joy to us everyday. In
the last year, we started showing her at dog shows which we love and have met many great friends who share the same passion.

Simone Charbonneau, Secretary and BC Director

“I have been a Chow pet owner for over 30 years, but with our last female and with the encouragement and mentoring from the breeder and others we ventured into the dog show world. Our bitch did extremely well, obtaining both her championship and grand champion title at the age of one. She was also top female Chow in Canada for two years and second once after competing in a limited number of shows due to having a litter of 4 beautiful puppies. We are extremely grateful to Cindy Eldridge and ChowRidge for such a wonderful girl.”

Brian McGregor, Vice President

“I grew up with my Parents breeding Newfoundland dogs, I saw my first Chow when we had our Newfies at a dog show in Montreal, it was love at first sight.  My parents bought me my first Chow in 1985, a black male I called “Cynjun” I spoilt him and learnt having him how not to let a Chow do whatever they want!

I co-owned my next male, a black we called Barney, he got his Canadian and American Championship travelling with a handler, my first girl was a cream who was named Bailey.

It grew from there, I was mentored by Audrey Dobrowney, Nawshi kennels, she had worked for Paul and Minnie Odenkirchen and had started with the Mi-Pao lines.  Audrey was a great person and taught me a lot about breeding and showing.  I was lucky to get some beautiful chows from Audrey.   CH. Nawshi’s Texas Marshall (Marshall), CH Nawshi’s In the Buff (Buffy a smooth red girl) and Nawshi’s Ginsing who I called Mookie.

It was at this time that I met Judy Watson who was showing Chows for Mi-Pao and Nawshi kennels.  She is still an incredibly good friend to this day, Judy and Murray own and love (Sage), GRCH ChowRidge From Me to U Suminka.

My kennel name at that time was Wanaleah, it was changed to ChowRidge in 2003.  I was one year without a Chow and then purchased GRCH Mi-Pao’s Wendell in 2006 from Minnie and Paul and he has been the foundation of all or most of the chows I have today.

I have been a member and executive member of our National Chow Chow Club of Canada Inc., as well as a member of the Chow Chow Club Inc., (USA)

With Jessica as handler we have achieved success in the show ring with our own chows as well as chows we have bred who are handled by their owners, I am very proud of all the Chows who bear our name,  it has been amazing to have these dogs in my life for the past 35 years.  The people I have met, friends I have made and places I have travelled because of the Chows is amazing, I hope to be involved for another 35!”

Cyndi Eldridge, Alberta Director

“Require write up”

Meaghan Bobryk, Saskatchewan Director

“Require write up”

Kathy Pasukonis, Treasurer

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